Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eagle Scouting

Supporting Family

Supporting our family and having their support is very important to us. We went together over to California to Joyce's sisters house to support her son, J while he received his Eagle Scout Award. J is the oldest of our nieces and nephews. He worked really hard to earn this award before he turned 18.

Joyce, Daisey, Grandma G, and nephew.
We helped get the refreshments ready, and chairs set up. Watching the nephews (there were four of them) and keeping Daisey out of trouble gave us all plenty to do. Doug was asked to read the Eagle Scout charge for J.
Doug reading the Eagle Scout Charge
Shortly after that, it was time to give J his Eagle Scout award. It was such a great experience to be a part of.
Nephew J pinning his Mother's pin on his mom.

J's Mom and Dad celebrating with a smile!
Daisey's favorite part was all the cousins to play with! She loves to make-up games, and imagine all sorts of things with her cousins. They had a great time and played really good together.

Daisey and cousin.
Even though we're a state away, our family is important to us! We love getting together to support each other in the triumphs and happenings in each family. We count ourselves truly blessed to have such a large, loving, and supporting family!

~Doug and Joyce