Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Ancestory: Caucasian; English 
Big smile
Education: Doctorate of Medicine
Occupation: Doctor

Doug has always wanted to be a Doctor and graduated from medical school in 2012. Besides being a doctor, Doug really enjoys being outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, four wheeling and dirt biking, watching football and Nascar, playing video games with friends, and especially spending time with his family. He is very supportive of Joyce in everything that she does and wants Daisey, and all his future children, to succeed and would do anything he can do to help them accomplish their dreams. 
Doug works well with his hands and is very handy to have around the house. He is the typical Mr. fix-it. He includes Daisey in all his projects and enjoys having her be right beside him. He is very compassionate, kind, and affectionate with his family. He believes that family is the most important thing a man can have and treasures his everyday. He hopes to have more children in his family in the near future to share his love with.