Age: 3
Height: 38"
Hair Color: Brown, curly
Eye Color: Brown
Big eyes, Bigger smile
AncestryCaucasian and unknown
Occupation: Dress-up master and imagination extraordinaire
Daisey is a very imaginative, energetic, fun, happy, kind, loving 3 year old girl. She enjoys playing with her friends, Oscar, baby-dolls, dress up, singing, playing outside, fishing with Daddy, watching My Little Pony, and snuggling with Mommy and Daddy. She has a baby and taggie blanket that she calls "baby deet-deet." She takes them everywhere that Mommy will let her. She loves to dress-up and pretend to go places, like to Costco or to Target. She's always full of surprises.
Daisey is very excited to be a big sister. She is saving toys and clothes for a future baby brother or baby sister and is very eager to help take care of them. She loves babies and will be a gentle and kind sister.